The 5th European Meeting is a service meeting and joining with the Russian fellowship's ACA Summer Fest in Minsk.

The Russian Summer Fest theme is Through detachment with love we gain integrity: Learning to trust yourself - see recovery program at 
EC Service Meeting
EC is regrouping for Service in Minsk, Belorus.
If you’d like to deepen your recovery and serve as an officer on the Interim European Committee please email a short summary of 
* the positions you have held; either national or locally
* when you came into ACA
* your knowledge of Steps, Traditions, Concepts and ACA literature
Please write to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. by 08.00 Tuesday 23rd July.  
The Interim Committee will be voted on in August and ratified in September.  
Service Program - attached
If you cannot come to Minsk in person but would like to attend by Zoom, please use
Service positions available immediately
Roles and criteria for service will be discussed in Minsk.  
Two roles available immediately:  
EC Secretary - attends monthly Zoom TCs, records & transcribes minutes & distributes; adds new contacts into the database, emails database 1-2/month, assists with co-ordination of the annual European Meeting
*  EC Webmaster - Build the Mailchimp database along GDPR regulations for opting in; update the EC news and country webpages, builds and maintains an event calendar of the European events to include in the EC news
In service,
 European Committee

Agenda Minsk (vergadering) - PDF

Agenda Minsk (vergadering)- jpgfile

Minsk nieuws op de EC homepage, incl. PDF download agenda en aanwijzingen om de meeting via telefoon of internet bij te wonen, gebruikmakend van