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Fellow Travelers

“Each ACA member is equal to the next and has an equal value regardless of job status or career track.  We are all adult children who relate to one another at the level of empathy instead of the level of employment.” BRB p. 528

In the rooms of recovery, we may sit next to a doctor, a priest, a janitor, a housewife, or just about any profession we can think of.  But who are we really sitting next to?  We are sitting next to another adult child, with all of the fears, insecurities and trauma that can entail.  In a society where our worth appears to be measured in material things or the position we hold, there are few other places besides a 12 Step meeting where we are all on equal footing, where no one of us makes decisions for the others.

In ACA we are spiritual beings going through a human experience.  We are reaching out to each other for the love and understanding that was not given to us in our family of origin.  We celebrate each other’s victories and support each other in our times of sorrow.

Success in ACA is not measured with money or social status, but with inner peace and serenity.  We share our experience, strength and hope with each other as we laugh together, cry together and know that we are home.

On this day I know that in this world I am not alone as long as I have my fellow travelers.

This excerpt is from our daily meditation book, Strengthening My Recovery, which can be purchased at a local meeting or online.

Strengthening my recovery
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